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We are all hardwired to interact with others, especially during times of stress.  When we go through a trying ordeal alone, a lack of emotional support and friendship can increase our anxiety and hinder our coping ability.  Forced isolation due to Covid 19 does not mean we are lacking any emotional support or friendship, however it is a stressful time worrying about what is going to happen or are my family safe.  This can cause depression and anxiety also. The Importance of Human Connection Yes, other people can be irritating. But they are also our greatest source of comfort, and an impressive amount of psychological research underscores the importance of human contact. Rejection by others psychologically wounds us more deeply  than almost anything else, and research by...

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How Secrets and Lies Destroy Relationships

Trust is fragile. Secrets and lies jeopardize trust and will damage us and our relationships — sometimes irreparably.     We all tell “white lies.” We say, “I’m fine,” when we’re not, compliment unwanted gifts, or even fib that “The check is in the mail.” But in an intimate relationship, emotional honesty includes allowing our partner to know who we are. Honesty is more than simply not lying. Deception includes making ambiguous or vague statements, telling half-truths, manipulating information through emphasis, exaggeration, or minimization, and withholding feelings or information that is important to someone who has a right to know, because it affects the relationship and deprives that person of freedom of choice and informed action. Although we may consider ourselves honest, few of us...

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Reasons We May Need to Cut Ties with Family Members to Be Healthy

Cutting ties with family members is one of the hardest decisions we may face in life because we are conditioned to believe that to terminate relationships with “family” is morally and inherently wrong. The facts are that “family members” are just people and not always healthy people, and if these people weren’t family we would never choose them to be a part of our lives due to their poor treatment of us. Therefore, under the ideal of family we spend years sacrificing our mental and emotional health in abusive relationships under the notion that we “have to” because these people are our family. We are conditioned to believe that if we end relationships with them that we are “bad” and...

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